2006 - Present (5 years...so far)

Senior UI Designer / Blackberry Theme Developer

Magmic Inc. - Ottawa, ON., Canada
Privately Held; 51 - 100 employees; Computer Games industry
I've loan my Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS, and others, to this team for a long period now. Working in the marvellous world of mobile devices I have been designing Blackberry premium themes for a more sophisticated user. We moved from regular Zen, Today or Today Plus types to more heavily SVG coded, really good looking and ergonomically designed themes. This process ensures that the customer not only gets a new 'skin' for his/her Blackberry devices, is also getting one that completely changes the way we interact with it.

2003 - 2006 (3 years)

Senior Graphic Designer / 3D Art

iSite Technologies Corp. - Ottawa, ON., Canada
Privately Held; 11 - 20 employees; Computer Games industry
Merchise group embarked into a quest of international proportions, and eventually as a part of the team I joined them in Ottawa.
Renamed Oceanus Entertainment, and finally iSite Technologies I spent this period pulling up my Low Polygon 3D Modeling technique so it could put to good use in 3D internet websites and games.
Website design and coding, and a heavy User Interface planning were also done during this period in order our products in more competitive environments.

2000 - 2003 (3 years)

Graphic Designer / 3D modeling & Advertising.

EMPROY (Villa Clara Architecture Firm)
State owned enterprise; 300 employees; Real State
This Santa Clara (Cuba) architecture firm deals over 90% of social and private real state planning in Villa Clara province. Hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, roads and bridges of this central place in the Cuban territory are planned, designed and executed under the supervision of EMPROY.
During my time with a fantastic team to no other I learned how to contribute with my 3D modeling and graphic advertising skills to make every product, from digital, to blueprints or posters, more appealing to investors.

1995 - 2000

Student of Industrial Engineering

Universidad Central 'Marta Abreu' de Las Villas
Central University of Villas province, Cuba
There was beer and parties, sleepless nights and lots of tests. But during my University years happened a couple of the things that defined the rest of my life; along with 2 friends, the foundation of Supernova Software group took place and countless graphics and code to produce good looking applications for our engineering department, something the rest of the students could actually take on for.
And eventually I became a full time graphic designer for Merchise group, the cream of the crop at the moment in the entire island. Against all odds we went ahead and produced 2 outstanding titles that joined the already famous collection of games developed by Merchise.

1995 - 1992

Junior High

'Jesus Menendez' Exact Sciences Pre Universitary Institute Department of Education :)
My best friends, my brothers, were made during these three amazing years. Also because we were in Electronic class I was 'forced' many times to program processors; the legendaries Z80 (8 bits) and Intel's 16 bits 8000 series.
Of course I kept true also to other minion activities, like designing, sketching, making graphics and programming games in Pascal and Basic with my school mates, after all the need it to put some some to those classes.